Tab thumbnail manager on new tab Overview

♣︎ App bar

  • Nav bar opener: Click to open nav bar.
  • Search Box: Search tab by its title,domain,url.

ℹ️ Note:
You can also inside tab page’s content.
You need to enable this in setting page.

  • Digital watch: For display time.

Display active, closed or saved tabs with its thumbnail.

✪ Tab Item

  1. Tab Index : You need this to quickly navigate between tabs using keyboard only. Press index key on keyboard to active this tab. Click on this to select this tab.


📸 Tab thumbnail

Screenshot of current tab’s last page.
Click on it to active that tab.


  • Tags 🏷: Tags of current tab that are created by you.

  • Title: Last page title of current tab.

  • Url: Last url link of current tab.

  • Add ToDo icon: Add todo by clicking on this icon.

Hover Tab Action

  1. Save Tab : Save tab in selected window.
  2. Virtual tab👁 : Remove tab from browser but display here.
  3. Delete Tab: Remove current tab.


ℹ️ Note:
virtual tab removed when browser closed.

✪ Window Bar

  1. Tab counter: Total number of tabs in this window.
  2. window title : Click on edit icon to rename window.
  3. Window action menu: Click to open popup menu.

Window action menu

  1. Suspend: Suspend current tab.
  2. Merge: Merge into selected window.
  3. Duplicate:Remove duplicate tabs.
  4. Save: Save this window.
  5. Share: Create webpage of this window and share with friends.
  6. Delete: Delete this window.